Hi Jean – I am sending you some pictures that Alex took of the once-hived tree branch on my old cherry tree…the cavity is now mostly empty…except that there are some bees coming back to the old wine barrel I put out last week (with a little sugar water atop) and they seem to be very interested in exploring the inside of that wine barrel. My uneducated bee guess? These are the leftover drones – they missed the parting and are ready to party in the old Pinot wine barrel (just joking!). Steven calls it the “frat house.” I will continue to provide a little sugar water for them as I don’t want any of our farm bees to be hungry. – Martha

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A few bees interested in the wine barrel



When the bees were using the cherry tree as home:


Now they are gone…


Jim Senior cultivating the cherry trees, May 5, 2015