Hello from Maresh Vineyard and the Maresh Family!

Savor the smell of this now summer rain. So far it’s pleasant and when the red hills soil gets slightly saturated but still tractor-able we’ll continue to clean cultivate as the ground cover between the rows

The vines have thrived in this jory soil and need another round of disking. My small crew will still come out for raising the last of the catchwires as we wait until later for trimming the top of the canes with machetes as these just-finished-flowering grapes cluster still need those tender tendrils at the tips of the canes to bring them photosynthesis and energy to the clusters….which are long and multiple this year…reminds me of 2011.

But this is only late June…nature and weather will take it’s own course and we can only respond to those conditions given to us for harvest 2014. Sounds like a lucky number, though!

– Martha, Steven, Jim, and Jim Senior