Here’s a wonderful letter from one of our customers!

Dear Jim,

A quick story I’ll share with you that you might appreciate, and why I wanted to buy your wine….My wife and I, being transplanted newlyweds from Boston area living in Seattle, would go with friends to the Pinot region of Oregon quite often. In fact, we would go help the local vineyards at harvest time. Was quite fun for us, and one of the best times of our lives (Early 1990’s). Well, on one of our many visits, we happened in to Maresh (at the time).

Jim and Loie Maresh

There we were talking to Loie and she was sharing with us some great Maresh wines. In walked Jim Sr. in his bib overalls and quite distraught. He threw down his cap and told Loie to open up one of the good bottles of Chardonnay, and that we all had to commiserate with him and listen to his story. You see, he had been planning for quite some time the visit of his grandson (you if I am correct). He had been so looking forward to you coming. He even stocked the pond with trout so he and you could go fishing. With you arriving the next day, he went to check on the pond. To his dismay, there standing in the middle of the pond was a Blue Heron. After he shoo’d the bird away, he discovered that the Blue Heron had eaten all the trout he had stocked for your arrival. It was not going as he had hoped. Jim Sr. was quite a character and to us, quite an inspiration that day. Made us really appreciate family, what we do for our children, etc.

We stayed for quite some time that day, just enjoying good wine, and talking to both Loie and Jim Sr. We learned so much about how he worked to prepare the vineyard and why he felt it was going to produce the best tasting wines in the Dundee Valley. It was really great to meet your grandparents that day, and we thoroughly enjoyed their company.


Fast forward to 2015…I find myself in Oregon at Intel for meetings. The team at Intel decide to take us to a local wine shop in Hillsboro for tasting of some of the best of Oregon wines. They opened several bottles of Pinot and Chardonnay. They were ok, and they asked me if I had a wine I wanted to try. So, I asked to open both your Pinot and Chardonnay. Needless to say, your wines were by far the best tasting wines of all that were opened that evening. What the local team from Intel could not understand is how a Boston guy could know more than they did about Oregon’s best wines. I told them the story above. Between the story and the fact that your wines were far superior, I won them all over to be fans of Arterberry Maresh.

So, now I’m back in Boston and thoroughly missing your fantastic Chardonnay and Pinot. I brought one bottle of Chardonnay home with me. I was hoping to find a local wine shop who carried your wines. Unfortunately, I could not. Oh well, I just need to make more trips to Oregon.

Take care Jim,