Oregonian Article about Maresh Vineyard

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A Dundee Hills name to know this Oregon Wine Month

by Katherine Cole, Oregonian 5-20-2015

Today the Oregonian published Katherine Cole‘s article about Dundee Hills winegrowing pioneers. It focuses on our family. Excerpts and a link to the complete article below.

“I’ve been thinking about one vineyard in particular because earlier […]

Honey Bees Head Out – What a Week.

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IMG_8615Hi Jean – please now this, about my cherry tree bees, as exactly one week later, at 3PM today, in sunny weather with low winds, they swarmed away from the extended branch and back into their new home behind […]

May 5: Honey Bee Update

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maresh-buster-550pMy native bees are thriving…this morning I put out a shallow dish of sugar water and there are 10 – 12 scouts sipping the water from the little sticks of wood I put out in the dish to keep them […]

May 1st: Honey Bees Move into Cherry Tree

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Hi Jean – what a surprising afternoon, today! I was just out from checking the vineyard shoots and soon flowers to be grape clusters in the vineyard behind my house and heard a loud, steady, increasing close hum and my west sky filled with buzzing honey bees. 

Thanks for the wonderful letter, Tim!

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Here’s a wonderful letter from one of our customers!

Dear Jim,

A quick story I’ll share with you that you might appreciate, and why I wanted to buy your wine….My wife and I, being transplanted newlyweds from Boston area living in Seattle, would go with friends to the Pinot […]

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